Winning the Race

The Phonak team was won among the 20 teams in the first UCI pro tour in 2005. The team won the race and came second in the team ranking on the 2005 pro tour circuit. This cycling team was considered as the most winning team in the world, which is the outcome of the collaboration and hardworking of the team members. A team is said to a successful team when there is coordination among the members of that team. This is the background success of the Phonak cycling team.


The Phonak team had participated in many championships and won the medals for 6 times in Switzerland road race championships, Belarus road race championship, and Slovenia road race championship by various professionals of the team. In the year 2006, Tour de Georgia was a six-stage race held from April 18 to April 23 Floyd Landis, a member of the Phonak team won the first title. Cycling with the team of your fellow mates will give extreme joy and when there is a need for showing your teamwork in track, the level of achievement is high as the sky and there stands the Phonak cycling team.

The world is growing at a rapid pace and there are different kinds of inventions and developments are occurring in numerous sectors. A helluva revolution had occurred in the lifecycle of human beings just after the invention of the wheel. It revolutionized the science that the motors and automobiles concept was just born because of that wheel only. With the step by step advancements in the science and technologies and to ease the tough human works using machines, various types of vehicles were designed and launched around the world.

Before all these petrol or diesel engine vehicles, a medium of transportation without any use of engine was born, just with the use of the wheel. That vehicle is the bicycle. In the old periods, bicycles were often used by the people for transportation purposes, and at that time there is only very less availability of motor vehicles for the public. In the period of bicycle transportation by the majority of the population, there is very less pollution among the society.

But after the advent of engine motor vehicles, the emissions from the vehicles are increasing the pollution level in the environment to a very high level. The concept of driving a vehicle using only two wheels with the rider’s balance was introduced in the 1860s itself. The early models of the bicycle itself have different variants with distinctive wheel types. By making advancements and improvements in the design of bicycle over a period of time, a standard design model has emerged for the commercial use among the society.

People started using them and it got a widespread all over the world. Present day bicycle frames and components turned out to be lighter with the application aerodynamic principles for designing and building the bicycles. State of the art technologies is applying the current manufacturing of bicycles such as electronic gadgetry, cycling power meters, and electronic gear systems etc. Apart from the transportation usage of bicycles, they have wide applications in maintaining the physical and mental health of every individual, as it helps to get a lot of calorie burning body exercises during bicycle driving.

Cycling makes the body physically active one and this kind of regular physical exercises can safeguard the body from unwanted diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, mental illness etc. It’s a fun, easy for all ages of people, pollution free to the environment and healthy physical exercise. Bicycle rental system or public bicycle sharing were first started by local community organizations and intended as charitable projects for the disabled people and also for the promotion of bicycles as non polluting transportation.

It is initiated as a service system in which the bicycles are made available for sharing among the people for the particular time of usage with a rental price. Many sharing methods are implemented such as short-term checkout, long-term checkout, White bikes, Coin deposit system, automated stations, Dockless bikes etc. Nowadays with the use of modern methods, the bicycle rental became a very easy thing.

Dock system is used at present in many metro cities, where people are allowed to take the bicycle from the dock, in which the lock is opened only when the online payment is done. Then the user may use the bicycle up to the destination and return the bicycle to the other dock destination. This kind of bicycle sharing systems is economically good in means of pollution free for the environment and to offer affordable services for the short distance trips in the cities.


I’ve had a wonderful time with Phonak Cycling team while learning cycling there, where I learned all the techniques and skills from the trained professionals. This is so far a wonderful experience for me.


This is the coolest place to learn cycling for a hobby, and it is one of the best places to have some fun while cycling. This is the best place to spend our leisure time as well as to do something productively for our life.


The way they teach cycling is one of the best things that one need in life and it is very interesting to learn the cycling in various locations as well various cycles like gear cycles and other such cycles that are used in the sports.


Cycling is one of the best exercises for humans and I have got to get an experience with Phonak Cycling, here I have learned a lot of skills and many techniques to ride a bicycle as well as to go for a race.


This is the best place to shed a lot of sweat and I have had an awesome time here. This helps us to indulge in a lot of physical activities and they trainers were so friendly and supportive during the entire course.

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